Learn to drum online.
I did.

I’ve developed almost all of my technique from watching DVDs and online drum videos. I’m excited to help you do the same thing, but in a quicker, more direct way.

Where do I start?

Spend your time learning to drum,
not listening to me talk.

All of my content is concise and to the point. I know that you watch my videos and read my posts to help you improve your drumming, so I dive right in.

See what I mean

Been playing for years with little progress?
Let’s change that.

That was me. I played for many years with no hand technique and pretty much no knowledge of rudiments. I was scared of them and thought that without private lessons I couldn’t get better. That’s not true.

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New to Drums?
Welcome Welcome.

So glad you’re here! Getting better at drums is definitely hard work, but it should also be a lot of fun. I can help you get off to a great start and know where to go next.

Where do I start?