Short Grooves

#1 | 8th note groove (Short Grooves)

By November 25, 2019 No Comments

A quick lesson on how to play the 8th note groove. 8th notes on the hi-hat (count and play on 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and), kick on 1 and 3, snare on 2 and 4.

This is the first video in my Short Grooves series! My goal is to breakdown grooves for you in 3 minutes or less, so I get in and out quick. I know it can be frustrating to hear drummers make things sound easy in videos, and to go back to your own kit and not understand why you sound so bad. So when there are certain hand motions and techniques that I feel might be an issue for you (because they were an issue for me), I point out the modules in my Better Hands and Better Feet courses that will help you out.

I don’t spend any time going over drum notation, though I believe that it’s super important and I have an entire two-part lesson on it here that I recommend you check out if you’re new to drum notation or want a refresher.