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Improving Drumstick Accuracy

By February 18, 2019 No Comments

Here’s a¬†quick tip for improving drumstick accuracy and freeing yourself up to practice rudiments while watching TV, or any other sedentary activity.

This is an Evans Real Feel 6″ drum pad.

On the back you’ll see that it’s mountable, there is a 8mm thread. If you end up trying this, make sure that the backside of your pad has this thread. They have a model that is two-sided, and that model doesn’t have a thread on the backside.

Take an Ahead Wicked Chops practice pad, and put some “all thread” from Home Depot or Lowe’s in the bottom (you might need to ask for “threaded rod”).

Ahead drum pad

Screw the Wicked Chops drum pad into the Evans Real Feel drum pad, and you have a platform to place on your lap and practice rudiments. This little drum pad really helps your accuracy, frustrating at first to be sure, but stick with it and it will really pay off.

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