Where do I start?

Better hands course free trial

Start with your hands

You probably have certain grooves in mind that you want to start playing right away. That’s awesome, but I promise you the key to playing any groove well and progressing on the drums lies with developing solid hand technique. Take a look at my Better Hands course and decide whether you already know all this stuff or if the material in the course is exactly what you need. It sure changed my drumming forever.

Start with grooves to find out
what you need to work on most.

My Short Grooves videos will get you learning grooves that interest you right away, and will help you hone in on the hand techniques you need to practice most to make them sound good. I’d still recommend you check out my Better Hands course, and go through it from beginning to end, but if you are itching to play new grooves now, give this a shot.

Get the Checklist

You want to get better at drums but you don’t know where to start. I’ve put together a spreadsheet that lists out some of the main areas I’d recommend you focus on and I’m adding more content on TempoLeague.com all the time that addresses these topics.